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Lunarcana accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Money Orders, and PayPal payments, as well as Personal Checks (which will be held for 2 weeks to clear).

*If your check bounces or you do a chargeback on your credit card or PayPal account a $35.00 fee will be applied to the amount due. If payment is not remited promptly you will be sent to collections. No orders will be shipped when account is past due.

[/theme_faq_item][theme_faq_item title=”Do you charge sales tax?”]

Lunarcana is required to charge Massachusetts, as well as California sales tax on orders delivered to addresses within the State of Massachusetts or within the State of California. The customer is solely responsible for all sales tax (or other taxation) on orders shipped to any other state or out of the country.

[/theme_faq_item][theme_faq_item title=”What is your return policy?”]

No merchandise will be accepted or replacements issued without prior approval to return such merchandise.

Email returns@lunarcana.com

Please include your order number, who picked, who packed, was the item missing or damaged, if damaged please attach a photo, No Zip files please. And last but not least do you want a replacement, credit on your account or a refund.

If the item(s) need to be returned you will be given an RMA # this needs to be on the outside of the package. Inside the box, include the order number that you are referring to so that we can properly credit your account.

Lunarcana accepts returned items that are in resalable condition purchased less than 3 months ago.

Oils that have been transferred into plastic containers are NOT considered to be in resalable condition.

Refused orders that are returned will be charged return shipping plus a $2 fee. Returns over 3 months will be charged a 20% restocking fee.

Due to the increase in shipping costs we reserve the right to bill your account for all shipping fees billed to us due to a package being returned or refused without prior approval.

Discontinued items are not credited.

[/theme_faq_item][theme_faq_item title=”What if a product arrives damaged?”]

If you are missing any merchandise from your order, or have received damaged items, put the package aside and contact us within 10 days so we may get the issue resolved in a timely manner. Lunarcana will credit your account or upon your request, replace any merchandise that is missing from your order or received in damaged condition. We will request the following information from your invoice – Who Picked and Who Packed the order, and was it packed well? No merchandise will be accepted or replacements issued without prior approval to return such merchandise. Filing of damage claims or missing package claims with the shipping provider (UPS, US Postal Service, Fed Ex, Etc…) will be the responsibility of Lunarcana.

[/theme_faq_item][theme_faq_item title=”What is your privacy policy?”]

Lunarcana does not share customer information including emails, phone numbers, or postal mail addresses with anyone. It is not our policy to spam your email address, nor do we send unwanted postal mail. Any batch emails sent out will be only to notify customers of new or sale items as well as special offers and sales. At any time, a customer may opt out of receiving such emails, the quickest way is to click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

[/theme_faq_item][theme_faq_item title=”Do you ship internationally?”]

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to understand and answer for all fees and charges required by Customs and Duty regarding packages ordered and shipped internationally. FedEx and UPS have their own brokerage fees that we have no control over. These fees are billed in addition to any duty and tax.

All items sold and distributed by Lunarcana are legal for sale and distribution. However, it is the responsibility of all customers to understand local, regional, and national laws pertaining to the items they purchase, and purchasers are solely responsible for packages lost or destroyed, or any legal action resulting from the purchase of the items that are illegal in their particular country or region.

[/theme_faq_item][theme_faq_item title=”What is your shipping policy?”]

Lunarcana ships via the US postal service, FedEx and UPS. Exact methods will vary based upon the availability of these services and what is offered to your location, and will be offered at the time of your purchase via the online shopping cart. Shipping charges are calculated upon the weight of the items within your order, the shipping method you choose, and your location.

Most orders will be shipped within 48 business hours, if items are available, and you are unable to make changes to an order once it has been packaged. Orders cannot be canceled once they have been shipped. You may however refuse the package, and upon its return receipt we will credit you for the merchandise. Shipping fees and any return shipping costs will still apply.

An additional $14.00 charge will be applied for change of address, or location change after order ships (per box).

[/theme_faq_item][theme_faq_item title=”What is magick, and why do you use a ‘k’?”]

Magick is generally considered to be the manipulation of reality in accordance with will. Some people consider the qualification to be redundant. The ‘k’ is used to distinguish magick from magic. Magick can also be defined as any of a variety of life-practices which devote the practitioner to self- and (thereby) environment-transformation. Methods and schools of magick vary. Our site caters to all sorts of occult traditions such as, alchemy, kaballah, western ritual magick, renaissance neoplatonism, eastern mysticism, neopagan magick, and  new age practice.

[/theme_faq_item][theme_faq_item title=”How do I get started in the occult?”]

WORK, don’t just READ. Regardless of the magickal tradition you chose to explore, it is essential that you do something, otherwise you will  simply be studying, not doing magick. Also, be prepared to work at whatever you start. Magick is not an easy option.

Keep an open mind, but at the beginning do not make anything other than very tentative conclusions; do not try to ascribe “objective validity” to any results. Keeping a record is handy. Simple, *consistent*, and thorough application of whatever techniques your paradigm requires, over a period of say, six months, should be a very useful grounding.

Regardless of chosen system or tradition, there are certain practices which will fundamentally improve your ability to do any kind of magickal work.

#1 Breath control, i.e. rhythmic breathing

#2 Self Hypnosis (any of a thousand published methods)

#3 Committed Daily Practice

These apply to any and all systems.

[/theme_faq_item][theme_faq_item title=”What is the difference between black, white, and grey magick?”]

In one well-respected tradition, the goal of magick can be considered the union of the magician with the divine, the raising of the human consciousness unto the higher consciousness. Any operation which is not ultimately directed towards this goal is black magick. The terms arise because “white” magick signifies the divine light, and “black” magick signifies moving away from the divine light, into darkness.

In a more popular sense, black magick is used to describe operations which are intrinsically selfish (usually involving harm to others). The analogy is obvious; the above aim is to unite the individual with the whole, to essentially “destroy” the Self, the feeling of individuality which  separates us from the divine. Thus, “selfish” operations are by definition in conflict with this goal.

In this sense, “grey” magick can be applied to operations which, although not directed towards this ultimate goal, are not selfish, and arise mainly out of ignorance, rather than malice (e.g. operations to heal others).